10 tips to be more productive

  1. Food is more important than you think. You will be more productive the more you eat healthy food and the less productive the more junk food you eat.
  2. Sleep. Minimum 7 hours for your body to recover completely. You will feel more rested and energetic to work.
  3. Be water my friend. There are days when you feel tired and it may mean that you are only dehydrated. Eat 2 to 3 liters of water per day (minimum 8 glasses).
  4. Order. Any untidy work area, are reasons of distraction. Work in an orderly environment with the minimum necessary objects around you, you will concentrate much better.
  5. Small breaks. Rest for 5 minutes every half hour of work, this way your mind will be more clear, you will release stress and you will be more productive. You can use the Pomodoro technique.
  6. Plan your day. Use 10 minutes of your day to organize the next day. You will be able to rest better since you will leave everything planned.
  7. First the difficult task. Try to organize your most complicated tasks in first position. So when you are more tired you will have the least difficult and you can produce more.
  8. The mail can wait. Although it costs, let the mail wait and start to work the first 2 hours.
  9. Sport. Relieve stress, boost your energy and with it productivity, it helps you to disconnect and think.
  10. 2 tools. You can use Evernote to organize your own tasks, notes and ideas. If you work in a group, Trello can be your key tool.
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