Attitude and aptitude – The difference that makes the difference

Delpro S.L. chooses people’s willingness and enthusiasm to engage in activities rather than measuring a person for their academic qualifications.

Since the crisis, many professionals over 45 years old have lost their jobs. We believe that it is the best profile to work in our team as they fulfill a great personal and work experience, commitment and knowledge. In addition, we think they are the perfect co-workers for the millenials of our team (those born in the 80’s and 90’s decade) for their valuable way of seeing the life and their leadership at the company’s disposal. A relationship that gives feedback to each other sharing tips, knowledge, ways of working, success stories and / or failures and other experiences.

«Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude»

For our team is essential to understand each other, share the same ethics and team vision and work in a good environment where the worker feels comfortable, motivated, come to work every morning happy and have the confidence and freedom to comment anything with the rest of the equipment.

We grow together and the future of the company depends on who we are.

Delpro S.L. chooses hardworking, motivating and self-taught people in their work team.