Our creativity to the rhythm of Barracuda-Rock Band

Barracuda-Rock is a Dutch rock band formed in 2003 that plays covers of the most iconic rock songs in all the music history.

His five members: Nicky van Dijk (drums), Robert Gielissen (bass and vocals), Tim Gielissen, Stepan van den Wijngaard (guitar and vocals) and Lisa van den Ven (lead vocal) participated in the European Battle of The Coverbans. Here you can see their performance.

They are part of the reason that gives us wings to our work and ingenuity, they are our silent but at the same time the noisiest drivers. They are in our list of songs that most inspire us and make our imagination fly.

You are still in time to discover this rock band. Here we leave you their website, where you can see all the events they organize. Enjoy them!

Barracuda-Rock Band_Delpro S.L.

Creativity to the rhythm of music, and music to the rhythm of Barracuda-Rock.