Delpro S.L. Vol1: First volume of our digital magazine where we talk about our latest developments in hardware, software and services provided.


Example Onmon Technologies: Presentation of the first business example from our product Integral Systems Onmon Technologies. In this case, the integral system is applied to the pharmacy service.


Delpro Foundation: We are trying to create Fundación Delpro S.L. (Delpro Foundation), a non-profit entity that would aim to educate and promote academically people over 16 years of age to correspond to the labor needs that currently arise in engineering and technical delineation companies.


Association of Vallirana companies: Proposal for the creation of a Business Center where, in addition to gathering companies from the sector, the Delpro Foundation would be included. The objective is to create a strength where, in addition to promoting activity in the engineering and design sector, the business would be promoted in the town of Vallirana (Barcelona). We also present a brief description of the services offered by the company.


The safety bolet: It is a refuge that also serves as a residence, prepared in case of natural disasters built with a low cost architecture for the Dominican Republic.


Welcome to Delpro: A brief introduction of the sectors in which we work accompanied by our essence.

Integral Systems Onmon Tecnhologies: How does it work?.

Integral Systems Onmon Technologies: A system that gathers a new shopping experience, greater attention to the consumer, increased sales and control of the establishment.

Example of Onmon Technologies: We present the operation of the Onmon Technologies integral systems applied to the example in pharmacies.

Recover your time with Onmon Technologies: Sometimes only more attention is needed. Give time to yours, we take care of the less important things. Visit the Onmon Technologies product designed and developed by Delpro S.L.

Virtual Reality: We recreate a simulated environment in an artificial space where we convert the consumer into the protagonist of his own project.

Animations and Simulations: Examples of animations and simulations carried out in the company to support the presentation of projects.

Foundation Delpro Animation: The Delpro Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to educate and promote academically people over 16 years to correspond with the labor needs that are currently presented in engineering and technical delineation companies. Click here for more information.

Christmas 2017 with Delpro S.L .: Each of the services we offer as Christmas stories.

Our environment: These are the views that accompany us while we work on your project.