Our first Delproniano, the winner of the most innovative project 

We celebrate the victory of our first official Delproniano, Oscar Oviedo, who together with his partner Elisa Valli have been awarded the most innovative project by Virospack, the specialist company in the manufacture of droppers for cosmetic packaging.

The proposal presented, called AMME LOVES, under the slogan A product, double sensation, is about the creation of a packaging composed of a container that also contains two tanks of different capacity and therefore, the two formulas won’t mix until the final moment of its application. In addition the container consists of a double pipette that allows the dosage of the content individually.

Steel and glass are the two materials proposed for the manufacture of the packaging, which with the help of surface finishes, the two tanks are represented as two types of states: a finish that represents a rough stone and a smooth and bright, getting the effect of wet stone

A product that takes care of you, with a poetic design and at the same time functional, with which you will get a memorable use experience.

Congratulations, Delproniano!

Images provided by the Virospack company and took them during the exhibition of the product at the New York fair, Luxe Pack NY.