10 things that (maybe) you didn’t know about Delpro

  1. The meaning of its name. The Delpro S.L. name comes from the union of two words: Delineation (Technical drawing) and Projects.
  2. The beginning. It started as a company where most of its projects were like technical drawing, by the time the services were expanding.
  3. The first of many projects. His first project started 22 years ago.
  4. Its pet company. It represents a robotized chameleon, making reference to the multisectorial service and the easy adaptation that Delpro offers with the mimicry that the animal offers.
  5. What Delpro team represents? They have two types of company’s staff: those in the office and those who defend the company working at the client’s house (outsourcing).
  6. Their technology makes them more productive. Productivity as an indispensable piece in this puzzle: Delpro uses double monitor and advanced technology.
  7. Taking care of its family is another of Delpro obligations. That is why they periodically organise team building activities to dedicate time to their team.
  8. They love what they do. Delpro loves what they do. They like their work and being happy with what they do is another indispensable requirement.
  9. The story of its logo. The evolution of the logo in 22 years has gone through three versions. You can see his last two versions here.
  10. Its work environment . Delpro is located in a semi-urban and mountainous environment where tranquility and nature abound. The location of its technical office promotes the ethics and interpersonal relationships for which Delpro bets.
Proyectos Delpro S.L.