2nd Business Intercooperation Table of Vallirana 

On May 31st at the Masia Molí in Can Batlle, in the municipality of Vallirana, we were invited to the 2nd Business Intercooperation to present one of the initiatives we have been working on. The initiative tries to create a business center where besides being a working meeting point between different services, we have proposed the creation of a training cycle in which to train people and guarantee them inclusion in the labor world by the companies that make up this center.

The initiative was presented and debated among the companies that attended the Intercooperation Table. Now we are waiting to meet with the mayor of Vallirana and together with the Diputación de Barcelona, ​​proceed to develop the initiative to start carrying it out. At the end of this post you will see a catalog about the initiative presented.

In addition, during the event, we were able to enjoy a networking session with 25 representatives from different companies, where we shared work experiences, met new suppliers, shared new business strategies and had the opportunity to present initiatives and proposals within the field of work. With the Business Intercooperation session, it allows us to exchange experiences and knowledge and generate an environment of trust to publicise and develop new projects of common interest, with an important impact on society and the economic sphere.

Some of the images have been taken by the City Council of Vallirana.

Delpro Initiative

Vallirana Business Association


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