Delpronian product: our official tote bags

Delproniano is called each person, product or element that is part of Delpro team, sharing its ethics and methodology. We have seen those bags in the street, at events, festivals, weddings or other events.

We use our bags as containers of objects, container of ideas and as a communicating element. It represents the Delpronian community. Everyone who has it is because they are part of the team or they have been part of Delpro team; collaborators, workers, educators, participnts or suppliers are some of the profiles that represent the connection with Delpro team.

We will launch a daring design of our new tote bag, at the same time that our company will have an extension of our services. So… stay tuned!

Bolsas Delpro S.L.

Our bag embodies all services that the company offers. It’s an icon that represents all the people who work in Delpro.