Delpro visits In(3D)ustry during the Barcelona Industry Week 2017

In (3D) ustry was held on 3rd, 4th and 5th October 2017 at the Fira de Barcelona fairgrounds. An event that gathered salons, exhibitions and conferences on different areas of the automotive, aeronautical, trade / sales and healthcare sectors.

We had the opportunity to be present and see a series of small exhibitors where they explained each of their services. We find in lack more machinery, American companies and more European companies.

There was a high market of 3D printers which were focused merely on the product itself and not on the software and all the previous printing management. Even so, we believe that 3D printing is currently not sufficiently advanced to meet the needs of today’s industry. Before making a prototyping of large dimensions, we must take into account several steps that make this process (and that at the fair have not been disclosed), a less productive course during its implementation. As for the material, there are pieces made that do not have enough resistance for the objective that they must fulfill.

We also could not find what were the limits or technical specifications that responded to each of the services that were exposed. For example, we can not perform a virtual 3D scan with a tablet if we do not know what technical criteria this device should meet.

We think that being an event that shared and / or coincided closely with other fair events, it has been smaller and we could not see a large audience. In the next edition we hope to see everything that we have not found in this edition.

In(3D)ustry Delpro S.L.
In(3D)ustry Delpro

For more information, visit the official website of In(3D)ustry.