New budgets for economic promotion

We started collaboration with Vallirana council and the strategy and operations consulting company Daleph, for the new budget proposal for Economic Promotion and Employment.

From the Vallirana council, the Department of Economic Promotion and Employment proposes the following improvements with this program:

  • Improvement of the occupation from a training program
  • Attention, advice and orientation of work and training
  • Promotion of the municipality’s economic development

Among some of the programs already carried out and coinciding with the proposed characteristics, we presented our Delpro S.L Foundation project, a space for the promotion and growth of engineering and design.

The Delpro Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to educate and promote academically people over 16 years to correspond with the work needs currently presented in engineering companies and technical delineation, and guaranteeing them a job in the corresponding department of our technical office. For more information about our proposal, click here.

La Fundación Delpro 2017