Our purpose

We are currently trying to create The Delpro Foundation, a non-profit organization that would aim to educate and promote academically people over 16 years of age in order to meet the labor needs that currently are present in engineering and technical delineation companies.

The project offered by the foundation would grant a program that would encourage people to improve educational and experimental quality in the work environment through technical teaching classes, practices, activities and presentations. In order to acquire the ethics, mission, vision and essence that the company Delpro S.L. has, it will instil methodologies of work and necessary values to achieve empowering people and obtain professional, motivated and excited staff.

Fundación Delpro Logotipo
actitud vs aptitud Delpro S.L.

The philosophy of Delpro S.L.

Our team is made up of people who work together in a good working environment, but at the same time they develop and work independently, contributing good ideas and good vibes, feeling motivated. In the company we aim to achieve our objectives working as a team. It’s what we call team building (play activities to enhance teamwork) and practice doing tasks and / or group outings.

The foundation

The foundation would follow the same ethics and would have the same character as Delpro S.L. represents.

The visual identity of the foundation would represent the pre-growth phase of a chameleon. This supposes the figure of an egg at the moment of the birth of the animal. The rupture of the egg represents a graph of evolution that at the same time is interpreted as the educational and experimental growth of a person.

The slogan implies that not only the foundation would be dedicated to education. It would be dedicated to the methodology, work dynamics and the relationships between workers in a company.

Visit our digital magazine to know more about the educational plan and the services offered by the foundation.

Delpro Foundation 2017

Our corporate identity

Educational plan and services offered


Do you want to be a Delproniano?

¿Quieres ser un Delproniano?

Delproniano is known as anyone who collaborates, works, studies or participates in the activities that Delpro S.L. and its foundation offers.

As a big family, the Delpronianos are part of a group of professionals, educators, students and collaborators who devote their time to projects in the world of industrial and product engineering.

Currently we are looking for collaboration with different entities. If you are interested, join our team and become a Delproniano!

A space for the promotion and growth of engineering and design.

- José Cambón. Delpro S.L. founder