Our news for this year 2018

1. Implementation of help on our website www.delprosl.com. A virtual chat is available through which you can make inquiries directly to the technical office of Delpro. It is located in the lower right part of the web page, and it will be active 24 hours a day but you will only receive instant answers from 10am to 2pm from Monday to Friday. The rest of the requests made outside the established schedule will be answered as soon as possible.

Chat Delpro S.L.

2. Expansion of the hardware in Virtual Reality with the Oculus glasses. These glasses allow you to enjoy the magic that Virtual Reality offers. It seems incredible that from our office we could live in first person how a factory will be constituted, right?. Delpro offers the service to bring to the client’s area all that Delpro works for them. Together with our powerful computer machine, we can create a virtual world which you can explore without leaving your work area. Tell us what you need to create, we make it happen to you. Visit our special section on Virtual Reality on our website.

Gafas Realidad Virtual Oculus

3. Software for Virtual Reality and Digital Representation. We updated our rendering software to Keyshot 7 towards the latest update. This new one, presents a rendering system of 32 cores with a faster rendering process that helps to accelerate the productive processes of the development of projects. It also presents a broader library of materials and materials creation (offering map of textures, multi materials and other improved procedures), more light control, customization of controls and interface but above all an increase in speed in real time. Thanks to this software, Delpro will be able to offer presentations of industrial, interior design in hotels, trains, naval, factories or industrial machinery projects, among others.

Software Realidad Virtual

4. DJI Osmo stabilizer. Our favorite hardware in terms of recording videos without movements or blurry images. It will allow us to create content that will later be published on our Youtube Channel Delpro. Stay tuned!

DJI_OSMO_Delpro S.L.

5. Drone Parrot Bebop 2 Power FPV. Our new favorite hardware in this 2018, the new Parrot Bebop 2 Power FPV drone. The recording and exploration of industrial plants, combined with virtual reality and digital redesign is the main service we offer with this new hardware. Up to 60 minutes of flight, camera and full HD video, visual recognition and digital stabilization of the image in 3 axes that will produce quality material to our customers.

Drone Delpro S.L.

6. New monitors. Improve productivity in our work area with the addition of new 49-inch monitors. The model chosen is a Samsung, which presents a panoramic and curved 1800R screen, it offers maximum and effective flexibility in multitasking. It allows us to configure the division of the screen offering the visualization of several tasks at the same time to achieve a total productivity during the process of development of the projects.


Image, characteristics and comparison of the new monitor here.