We interviewed our first Delproniano

His name is Oscar, he is 20 years old and he has been part of our team for 2 wonderful years.

Oscar studies Engineering and Industrial Design at ELISAVA, a university school of Design and Engineering in Barcelona. His main motivations are photography, nature and sports.

Taking advantage of the time he has been with us and agreeing that he is our first Delproniano, we wanted to know how he has felt working with us in the last years.


How did the idea of ​​being part of Delpro come about?

Delpro offered me the first job opportunity that would serve as a complement to what I was (and I am) studying. I started doing internship and after two years, I am still here.


What do you think about the methodology of work carried out in the company?

I think that Delpro follows a methodology where it takes special attention to the details. The way that the work team is organized is another indispensable element; constant communication with workmates and concern for their work so that we all get to one.


How is a day at the company?

Some days we start with a good breakfast, sometimes some fellow cooks give us to try their recipes and… it won’t be me who says no! But once we get to work, I find a productive, serious and communicative environment. They are good workmates, professionals and good people.


What qualities do you think are essential to have a successful career in our company?

You have to be decisive and respond with the needs that are required quickly. Polishing and refinement is another feature highly valued here. As for the ethical qualities, the human factor and team spirit is indispensable.


Is it possible to grow within the company?

Yes, but not only to grow, also to learn. Bearing in mind that in my case I still have time to finish my degree and I have lots to learn, I take a lot of knowledge from here and it will hopefully continue.

What do you like most about working at Delpro S.L.?

I definitely like the environment so human but at the same time professional and hardworking within the company.


How do you work as a team in the company?

I fell really good. Between the workmates we are as close as possible and we have a good communication. This is the only way to achieve good productivity at work with good results.


Why is it so important to feel happy at work?

Because you spend half of your day on it. It is very important to feel motivated in some way, then you will feel good and feeling good at work is synonymous of efficiency.


Are group activities carried out with the work team?

Yes, many times we have breakfast together, we go out to eat or we celebrate special days, like the birthday of someone from the team or a Finally it’s Friday! After a hard week, any «excuse» is good to have a fun time between us.


What would you advise someone who wants to work at Delpro S.L.

They have to have the values ​​of the company, they have to have a great human value, to be flexible, to have a desire to work and to be responsible. But above all, don’t miss the excitement.


What would you recommend to people of your same age who are looking for a job?

As far as possible, try to find something related to what you are studying because it will be useful in the future and at the same time it will make you feel motivated and you won’t lose the excitement.