Our interactive digital magazine

We start the year with several innovations in the company and they are joined by the launch of a new project: the interactive digital Delpro magazine. It has the function of summarising all those events of interest that have arisen in a period of time in the company. It will generally deal with all news, opinion articles or recommendations, resources of interest or a selection of the most influential posts previously published, among others.

Revista digital delpro

The project was born in order to expand the communication channels of the company to the outside. This first volume highlights the objectives and categories of services offered, as well as information on the latest developments in technology, benefits offered and other alternative means of communication.

In general, it will be another means of channel that will summarise that relevant or more acclaimed information that has suffered the company, as well as the most visited posts in our news section, or the most acclaimed videos of our Youtube channel. Possible interviews will also be published with specialised personnel in the sector, resources of interest, opinion articles, or reflections on developments in the sector.

The target audience for this project are workers and anyone interested in the work sector that involves the company, all published in a digital publication format and periodically.

The digital magazine presents an interactive format. It means that to the fact that throughout the document, there are enabled buttons that redirect the reader to various contents, links, or multimedia elements of interest, such as videos, web pages or social networks related to the company. The digital interactive magazine means a greater optimization in time and reading.

The content is adapted so that it can be read on the device that is preferred: smartphone, tablet or desktop device.

You will be able to locate the interactive buttons illuminated momentarily in each page, to enlarge or reduce the content in the screen to be able to read it better, or even to share the section of the publication that you want. ➞

In order to complement the information with the company’s website, a QR code has been enabled at the end of the document. When you scan it with a mobile device, the user can access to the website of the company.

Digital Magazine Delpro SL

What is a QR code? It is a fast response barcode that keep non-visible content. In order to access this content, you must scan the code with your smartphone where previously and in case you do not have it installed, you will have to download one of the mobile applications that allow reading this type of codes. Then open the application, place the smartphone in front of the code provided in our magazine, and automatically the application will redirect you to the hidden content.

Follow all steps below to make use of the QR code and to describe its content:

Revista digital Delpro

Go to the QR located at the final part of our digital magazine. You can increase the content by touching the screen twice or by enlarging it with your fingers as shown in the image.

Revista digital Delpro

With your smartphone, and in case you do not have it, download an application to read QR codes.

Revista digital Delpro

Access to the application and run it. You should automatically focus your smartphone on the code of our magazine and wait for the content to be detected.

Revista digital Delpro

You will automatically be able to access the hidden content of the QR, in our case, will open the website of the company to be able to complement information with the digital magazine.

You can read for free all the volumes of our digital magazine through the issuu platform.