New corporate identity. This will be the new image of Delpro, S.L.

Delpro, S.L. Is a team of technicians, draftmen and designers with a longevity of 21 years of experience. It integrates business lines such as engineering, construction and industrial design.

This year 2016 Delpro has renewed its corporate identity due to changes and improvements in their services it will present throughout this new year. New improvements in work tools and new services make the corporate identity of the company evolve into a more creative, simple and innovative brand.

A robotic chameleon will represent the essence and ethics of Delpro

One of the most notable changes in our design is the appearance of an iconography and the choice of a certain colour range. Through the chosen color, we wanted to reflect the company’s services focused on the technological field. They have also wanted to collect the principles of the company with a modern, fresh and new, and with a pleasant essence and confidence.

The isotype represents a robot – chameleon because Delpro is a multisectorial company with a rapid adaptability of its personnel in any engineering and industrial design field.

Logotipo antiguo DelproNuevo logotipo Delpro
«If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough»

– Albert Einstein

Delpro wanted to simplify its 21 years of experience, essence and evolution in a logo. The ethics of the company is focused on responsible use of technology. Delpro believe in the importance of working in a good work environment, of learning and being constantly motivated with all work done.

Simplicity is followed by the design of company cards. In them, we wanted to emphasise only data representative of Delpro: On the one hand its name, logo and slogan. On the other hand, contact and relevant information to the user card.

Te ayudamos a crecer (We help you grow)

It will be the slogan that the company will represent

The meaning of the slogan is given by the collaboration with companies and professionals offered by Delpro in the different stages of the life of the project. Our team will help to develop and carry out projects in external companies and our only mission is to ensure the greatest success in projects with which it collaborates.

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A new identity brand, due to our work philosophy.
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