A new advance in the hardware of our working environment.

3Dconnexion commercialise with 3D view and navigation controllers and they offered us the opportunity to live the experience of working with one of their products.

Specifically, the model we have been working is SpaceMouse Enterprise. It has a screen with 12 default commands that offer quick access to each application. Also you can navegate with a sensor of six degrees of freedom. The screen also displays the active commands at the moment, to manage them in a quicker and easier way.

We recognise that a period of adaptation to this new tool is necessary, but it also helps us to optimise times during project management, especially in the 3D parts modeling. Check here if the software you work with is compatible with 3Dconnexion.

When you first purchase your product it is necessary to use 3DxWare 10. It will allow us to customise the parameters such as keyboard shortcuts, navigation mode, default applications or some general settings. It turns our new work tool even more personal and ergonomic.

After the test phase of the product, we have decided to start implementing this device to all our office projects. If you want to know more, consult the 3Dconnexion website to inform you about all its products and features.

In our technical office working with 3Dconnexion’s SpaceMouse Enterprise model.