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Delpro, S.L. is a company of Technical Drawing, Engineering and Industrial Design, with a team of technicians, project managers and draughtmen based in Vallirana (Barcelona, Spain). We have been helping companies to carry out their projects since 1995. We collaborate with companies and professionals during the different stages of a project life. As a result, we have built a diverse team of drafting technicians and / or industrial designers, engineers and product designers, to ensure that we can develop any challenge.

Our job is to help to develop projects to make them a real and unique challenge.

We like our work and we like to help you.

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Delpro SL Ingeniería y Diseño Industrial Vallirana


From engineering to industrial design.

Delpro SL Ingeniería y Diseño Industrial Vallirana Barcelona

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We love what we do.

Delpro SL Ingeniería y Diseño Industrial Vallirana Barcelona


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What we do?

José Cambón

José Cambón

+34. 692.64.82.62


Technical assistance to clients.

Project supervision.

Supervision of technical office.

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Rosa Navarro

Rosario Navarro

+34. 645.95.88.11


Billing and accounting management.

Control of suppliers.

Human Resources.

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Working with...

Ingeniería Industrial Delpro SL Barcelona

An engineering team


A project manager team

Equipo de diseñadores Delpro SL

A designer team

Delineantes Industriales Delpro SL Barcelona

A draughtmen team

Our team

Delpro Iniciatives

La Fundación Delpro 2017

Delpro Ltd. Foundation: We are trying to create Delpro Ltd. Foundation, a non-profit entity that would aim to educate and promote academically people over 16 years of age to correspond to the labor needs that currently arise in engineering and technical delineation companies.


Association of companies in Vallirana: Proposal of creation of a Business Center where, in addition to gathering companies from the sector,  Delpro Foundation would be included. The objective is to create a strength where, in addition to promoting activity in the engineering and design sector, the business would be promoted in Vallirana village (Barcelona).


The safety bolet: It is a refuge that also serves as a residence, prepared in case of natural disasters and built it with a low cost architecture for the Dominican Republic country.

Serious and professional company, equipped with the most advanced technology for the realization of technical engineering projects. Highly recommended

– Jesus Soler

I collaborated with Delpro in a Pharmacy project and the solution was complex and the times very tight. They fulfilled everything perfectly. Very professional

– Miguel Ángel Gilpeiro

Great professionals and better people. Whenever I visit them I learn something new and they don’t stop surprising me with their initiatives, always innovating, always working with the latest technologies. I wish there were more like them in this country.

– Ramon Lacambra Peñart

A very serious company, good professionals who know how to work as a team. It’s nice to work with them, the projects always get ahead thanks to their human team.


– Carme Linares Balleste

I have known them since 2006. Their involvement, seriousness, updating … endorse them, both professionally and personally.

– Miguel Fisac Manzanares

Working with them has been a good experience, they are great professionals that you can trust, they provide solutions to you and they turn the complicated in easy.

– ByStudioWeb

A serious company, dedicated to its work. Effective and efficient. Fast and with exceptional treatment. Very happy with his work and his personal treatment.

– Elisabeth Lopez Rabanal

In Delpro Ltd. I have found a group of professionals with a lot of experience, knowing all the aspects that represent carrying out engineering projects. Open mind, workers and always positive. Continue like this!!

– Oriol Paredes Estrach

Very good experience with a good work environment. The work in their team is awesome developed, they provide you with all the necessary to work there.

– Silvia Ventura Fernández

We appreciate their good professionalism, efficiency and excellent personal attention in the work carried out by this company. Engineering services company with the most advanced devices and advanced media with 3d technology. Constant personal treatment with project manager and contributing his advanced ideas.

– Francisco Anton Perea

Seriousness and professionalism endorse the curriculum of Delpro Ltd. An engineering that has consolidated its trajectory and expanded the portfolio of services that has been forged since 1995 to continue being a reference in an increasingly competitive world. For many years more!

– Txaume Gustems

I have had the opportunity to work on several projects with Delpro S.L with excellent results for the company and manage. In this time of collaboration, I have been able to confirm its great evolution, due in large part to the high degree of preparation of all its employees, who, based on innovation, always offer solutions with high added value. I am very grateful and from here I send my congratulations for all job well done.

– Jesús Lomana

Great company that demonstrates its professionalism and efficiency when it comes to preparing its work. I definitely recommend it. Great people dedicated to 100%.

– Invernalia

Equipo muy profesional y amigable. Totalmente recomendado.

– Jordi Escaler Sala

Innovative, decisive company with a high level of efficiency. As for the professional treatment, it is excellent.

– Sonia Reina Duque