We attend the PTC Creo 4.0 presentation

This November 15th, we will attend the presentation of the latest and new update of PTC Creo 4.0, a 3D modeling software for professionals in mechanical engineering and product field.

The presentation of the new version will take place at Stuttgart, in a day in which person and through the internet, they can enjoy of organised sessions in a period of 12 hours. These sessions will cover topics like Internet of Things – IoT (Internet of Things) or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

In june 2014 was launched the latest version of Creo 3.0. Now, many people are expectant after more than two years waiting for the new version.

So if you are or you think you will be a PTC  Creo user, it is an event that you can’t miss. Register here to follow the informative session from PTC Forum Europe and to be able to access the chat show to meet, ask and talk with the presenters of the event.

Watch the promotional video of PTC Creo 4.0.