How would you change your shopping experience with our Onmon Technologies system?

Onmon Technologies System has been designed to improve the shopping experience in a physical store. It is about recreating a physical environment so that the purchaser acquires his products while enjoying during the test of the product he/she is going to buy.

How can we make the user enjoy his/her shopping experience?

It is about incorporating exclusive techniques in physical stores that help boost the purchase to the customer and turn it into a remarkable experience. Some of these techniques can be olfactory marketing: an interactive shopping experience that entertain the customer while testing the product that they will buy. In this way we get a memorable shopping experience and a future brand loyalty or establishment by the customer.

What is the role of Onmon Technologies in all this?

The system represents the secret formula to build this memorable shopping experience. Without automatic dispensing of products for the client, there wouldn’t be area available to recreate this sensory and test area. At the same time, employees will spend more time helping the customer to achieve this sensory experience instead of spending their time searching for products in stock, whose task can be performed by the customer through Onmon Technologies dispensers.

What stand out in our system?

By implementing the Onmon Technologies system, the consumer will receive greater customer service and for the responsible a considerable sales increase.

  • The system can be implemented in any space thanks to its modular design. For the same reason, the modular robotic storage it is completely configurable and customizable.
  • The economic investment can be minimal by contracting the most basic system and making it extendible over time.
  • Being standardized elements, besides saving costs during its manufacture, the system offers a fast portability and start-up.
  • The dispenser can offer a 24h sale since it can be located both inside and outside the establishment.
  • Clients will receive immediate attention from the staff, who will be able to focus exclusively on the advice and sample of the product willing to buy.
  • Customers can buy and / or order any product through the Onmon Technologies App. This will also indicate the nearest establishment to pick the product up.
  • The dispenser is connected to the modular storage, which constantly feeds the dispenser and in this way none product will be out of stock.
  • All purchases will be registered and in the case of low stock in storage, it will be communicated to the suppliers and / or responsible for the company/business. The reports can be viewed through the responsible’s App.

A new purchasing system with which you will earn time

Product / service test

The customer could try the product or service for which he is interested even before buying it.

Inmediate attention

The client will be attended immediately because the staff will only have the function of advising the product / service.If the client knows which product he wants to buy, he/she can immediately go to any dispenser and select the desired product.

Memorable shopping experience

The main work of the staff of the establishment will be to show the product to the client.

Working all the time

The system will be in continuous operation. Available 24/7, all year around. Dispensers can be placed indoors or outdoors for ease of customer access.

Fast implementation

The system presents a modular design that favors the implementation and transport of the service and reduces manufacturing costs.

Time saving

The client will save time and can quickly acquire the product or service that they want.

Would you like to implement this system in your business?

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