Finally we have 300 Mb symmetrical optical fiber in our technical office

We have symmetric fiber at 300 Mb. The symmetric fiber offers an identical upload and download speed that will allow us to send information to our clients in a much faster way, to make videoconferences of better quality and to work quickly with our cloud of work.

It has also been installed a switch in the office feded by the symmetric fiber, which it turns the 2Gb dual channel switch and by this, all the office work computers will be directly connected. This helps to the rapid transmission of data since they are connected directly to the new fast network.

The new service installation will mean a before and after time in our working days, thus optimizing times and offering quick and effective solutions.

If you want to know what connection speed you have, you can use this speed test for fiber optics.

Rack cabinet with 2 double channel switch, 300 Mb symmetrical optical fiber and office switch.