What has happened in 2017?

We present the most outstanding news divided by theme:

News in services

Drone Delpro S.L.

2018 news.

La Fundación Delpro 2017

We try to create our own foundation.

Bolsas Delpro S.L.

Delproniano product: our official tote bags.

Hardware news

3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise

A new advance in the hardware of our working environment.

Fibra simétrica 300 Mb Delpro SL

300 Mb symmetrical fiber optic in our technical office.

Motorola Z Play

Our new hardware: our modular projector.

Disco sólido SSD Delpro SL Barcelona

Our SSD evolution.

Delpro Team 2017

Delpro SL Ingeniería y Diseño Industrial Vallirana (Barcelona)

Here is where we work.

actitud vs aptitud Delpro S.L.

Attitude and aptitude.

Hardware Delpro S.L.

Our favorite gadgets.


Improve your productivity with double monitor.

Disfrutar trabajando Delpro S.L.

The pleasure of working happy.

Proyectos Delpro S.L.

10 things that (maybe) you didn’t know about Delpro

Delpro Visits 2017

Integral Innovation Experts

Visitamos Integral Innovation Experts.

Delpro visita el SIL2016

Ferias y eventos industriales y de ingeniería.


Salón de Frankfurt 2017.

Barcelona Industry Week 2017

Barcelona Industry Week 2017.

Delpro SL visita BGW

We visited Barcelona Games World 2017.


Delpro visits In(3D)ustry.

Delpro 2017 Resources

Hardware Delpro SL Ingeniería Barcelona

How to choose your perfect work tool?.

Elegir proveedor

5 keys to choose your perfect supplier.

Concursos de diseño industrial

Industrial design contests: power your creativity.


How to be more productive?